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Alu-Carver aluminum milling disc for freehand machining of aluminum

Product information "Alu-Carver aluminum milling disc for freehand machining of aluminum"
The Alu-Carver was developed specifically for processing aluminum by Kaindl Schleiftechnik. When machining aluminum, dust is no longer produced during machining as is the case with conventional grinding, but instead chips are produced as the material is milled. This reduces the risk of health problems and explosion hazards during the machining process to an absolute minimum. It is the safest, most effective and most economical solution for freehand machining of aluminum. 
Area of application: Suitable for processing aluminum alloys with one-hand angle grinders measuring 115-125 mm. Areas of application can be found in various industries such as container, ship and vehicle construction as well as in aluminum casting. Typical applications include chamfering and trimming welds, milling root welds and rough machining of castings. 
Machinable materials: Aluminum alloys, copper, zinc as well as wood and plastics, including fiber-reinforced composites.

Product features of the Kaindl  

  • The economical alternative to abrasive roughing and flap discs < li>No production of harmful and explosive dusts
  • Can be used on angle grinders Ø115 and Ø125
  • Loading hole 22.2mm
  • Very high material removal rate with safe controllability at the same time
  • No adhesions (built-up edge) thanks to polished chip guide surfaces
  • The HW cutting elements are extremely durable and rotatable and replaceable
  • CNC manufactured from one piece of high-strength aluminum
  • Quality tool “Made in Germany”

Technical features of the aluminum milling disc:

  • Dimensions: 115 x 10 x 22.2mm
  • Nmax: 14,500 1/min
  • Cutting material: HW (carbide, ground with polished cutting surface)
  • Use: hand-held milling tool “MAN”

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