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Twist drills, profile ground drills HSS

Product information "Twist drills, profile ground drills HSS"

You will find profile-ground drills made of HSS steel here. These twist drills have a metallic silver color, which is caused by the fact that the drills are not just rolled like the black roll-rolled drills, but are instead carefully milled and ground from solid material. In industry and trade, only profile-ground drills made of HSS steel are used.

Profile-ground twist drills are slightly more expensive to produce and are far superior to black roll-rolled drills in terms of precision and service life. The cross cutting edge of the twist drills we offer is ground and the tip grinding contributes a lot to good drilling performance. The Hss twist drills can be used in column drills, hand drills, cordless drills, lathes and milling machines. These drills are of industrial quality and are not hardware store goods!

Twist drill sets with metal cassette can be found here.

Profile-ground drill bits made of HSS steel

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