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Stirling engine Rainer with centrifugal governor material kit

Product information "Stirling engine Rainer with centrifugal governor material kit"

The original 

Britain, America and France had introduced several notable hot air engines by 1850. Surprisingly, Germany had not produced any significant innovations in this area up to this point, it was not until 1867 that the German Wilhelm Lehmann produced a significant innovation in the field of hot air machines. A late innovation, but an impressive one: the Lehmann air expansion engine!

The model Stirling engine 

Rainer The model of the Lehmann Stirling engine has a total length of 285 millimeters. When designing our Stirling engine, we tried to keep it as close to the original as possible. However, it is not a 100% copy of the original. Our model is operated with an alcohol burner. The burner is firmly screwed to the oak base plate. The cooling jacket, which was a solid casting in the original, is assembled from several milled brass parts and soft-soldered. Just like the original Lehmann Stirling engine, the model has a functional centrifugal governor that can regulate the speed of the hot air machine. As with the original, the centrifugal governor opens a valve that allows the air in the Stirling's working chamber to escape. The 140 mm diameter flywheel is made from a very clean cast steel. In addition, the Stirling engine has a 48mm pulley that could be used to drive small drive models, for example.

Speed control via centrifugal governor 

This Stirling engine has a working centrifugal governor. When the speed is sufficient, the balls of the regulator rise. This moves a lever that operates a valve. If the valve is opened, the working air can escape from the displacement cylinder. Due to the reduced pressure, the Stirling process no longer works optimally and the engine reduces its speed. To set the desired speed, you can adjust the spring tension of the valve using a handwheel during operation.

Dimensions of the model Stirling engine 

  • Base plate: 255mm x 120mm 
  • Flywheel: 140mm 
  • Pulley: 48mm 
  • Total height: 210mm 
  • Working piston: 28mm 
  • Displacer piston: 25mm 
  • Length overall: 285mm
The “Rainer” Stirling engine material kit is included in delivery 
  • Wooden base plate 
  • Finished milled parts 
  • Brass, steel, stainless steel and silver steel 
  • Raw material for the turned parts 
  • Cylinder sleeve made of precision tube 
  • flywheel 
  • All required screws, nuts, gaskets, grub screws and wick 
  • Construction plan model Stirling "Rainer" drawings (14 sheets) and construction instructions (9 sheets)

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