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With our model kits you can finally fulfill your dream of building a Stirling engine, steam engine or flame eater yourself. The only thing you need is a well-equipped hobby workshop with a lathe. If you are primarily interested in flame eaters, we have three different model kits for you. The selection of steam engines is even a little larger - you can choose between four different steam engines. If you are interested in renewable energies and Stirling engines, you are also in good hands with Bengs Modellbau. You have the choice between 4 different Stirling engines. We have been producing model kits of flame eaters, Stirling engines and steam engines since 2003. We now deliver the kits worldwide. If you are looking for a demanding technical hobby, we certainly have something interesting for you in our shop. Have fun looking through it!
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Voucher Bengs Modellbau

Modell Generator 2w

Stirling engine The big Laura

Stationary engine Karl with Hit & Miss regulation

Blow torch material kit

Hit & Miss engine kit little Karl

Eccentric press Nils drive model

Flame eater "The big Nick" Premilled material

Valve controlled steam engine Isabel

Flame Licker Jarne

Finger engine "Empire" Material kit

vertical combustion engine Jonas
Schwungrad : Schwungrad gegossen und geputzt

Harbor Crane Hercules

2 cylinder steam engine Tobias with Stephenson reversing

Small burner with height adjustment Material set

Steam engine Grasshopper

Stirling engine Rainer with centrifugal governor material kit

Vertical gas engine Otto V casting set
Auswahl: Gussteile Zubehör & Zeichnung

Variants from €42.00*
Vertical steam engine Leni with reversal

Large burner 2-axis adjustable kit

4 cylinder internal combustion engine Marc material kit